GO CRY GO – OxT (Overlord II OP) – Sheet Music

“GO CRY GO” is a Opening theme song recorded by Japanese music unit by Oshima Sayoshi and Tom-Hikk, OxT. The song serve for Japanese anime source from light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama, Overlord released on January 24, 2018.

You can download GO CRY GO – OxT (Overlord II OP) free piano sheet music, chords and vocals to PDF format here. Note: To read the PDF format your computer must have a PDF reader software. You can search online for your favorite PDF reader software.

Full Lyric:


We’re really truthless
ima mujou ittai no sekai de
Here is no truth left
egao mo naku ubaiau

It’s like a party
damasu saku suru mo mata jiyuu
tsukisusume hateru made
shomochi ya petenshi dochira ni mo
Might even sound surprising

“What can I believe?” sonna toi nante
No real answer Soon we’re dead
kono koku no naka kiete DIVE

ima wa
Break Out! Break Out! susumeyou!
Cry Out! Cry Out! sono ishi wo kakagete!
saa motto
Break Out! Break Out! sekai wo!
Cry Out! Cry Out! kirihirake!
mayoou Tell me more

We gotta just get crazy, crazy in it
Just get crazy now
Dance dance crazy, crazy in it
yume ga chikakute GO CRY GO

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