Blow out – Konomi Suzuki (Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records OP) – Sheet Music

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Information sheet:

Song: Blow out 
Artist: Konomi Suzuki
Title: Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (Opening)

Demo Lyric:

全力でぶっ飛ばしていけ Blow out

過去の自分との葛藤を ああ

迷いも 絶望も 不可能さえも

飛ばして行こう wow
叫ぶよ wow
愚かでも 無謀でも
運命を切り開いていけ Blow out

zenryoku de buttobashiteike Blow out

sakki kara zutto shizuka ni tashika ni moeteru
kako no jibun to no kattou o aa
mune ni himeta omoi wa dare yori tsuyoku
sora de ao ni mo toketari shinai

mayoi mo zetsubou mo fukanou saemo

tobashiteikou wow
genkai made furikitte
taisetsu na mono o mamoru tame ni
sakebu yo wow
saa omoi wa nante hageshiku
oroka demo mubou demo
unmei o kirihiraiteike Blow out

Send them flying with all your might: Blow out!

For a while now it’s been burning silently, with purpose:
An internal struggle with your past self… ahh!
But the feelings hidden within your chest are stronger than anyone else’s.
They could never fade away into the blue sky above.

Do away with your hesitation… despair… even the impossible:

Send them flying! Wow!
Shake free from your limitations
So you can protect what matters most!
Let out a scream! Wow!
Your feelings are running wild,
So even if it’s foolish— even if it’s reckless—
Clear a new path through fate: Blow out!

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